Why Vote for Judd?

#1 – Judd really cares about people, as evidenced by his long history of community service.
To see how long Judd has been helping the community read about his founding of the StreetWise Magazine, which helps the homeless. Since 1992, Judd helped create over 13,000 jobs and financial viability for thousands of people.

#2 – He has integrity and always votes in the best interests of his constituents, regardless of whether it might be unpopular.
Judd is committed to try and stop wasteful spending in Aurora. This will help keep your property taxes from rising.

#3 – He is a man of the people and knows Aurora.
As a resident for over 23 years and having grown up in the western suburbs, Judd is well-known in Aurora and has a great reputation and presence in the community.

#4 – You know what you get.
He is out and about in the community, not just at election time. He does not make empty promises. We need to elect a new leader with impeccable integrity.

#5 – Judd cares about his employees and independent contractors.
He regularly contributes between 10 and 25 percent to his employee’s qualified retirement plans.

Judd Lofchie

“I will fight to keep your property taxes down!”


Fiscally Responsible, committed to keeping your property taxes in check


Will diligently represent the East Aurora residents


Will be open and accessible to the residents for any questions or concerns