Why Vote for Judd?

#1 – Judd really cares about people, as evidenced by his long history of community service.
To see how long Judd has been helping the community read about his founding of the StreetWise Magazine, which helps the homeless. Since 1992, Judd helped create over 13,000 jobs and financial viability for thousands of people.

#2 – He has integrity and always votes in the best interests of his constituents, regardless of whether it might be unpopular.
Judd is committed to try and stop wasteful spending in Aurora. This will help keep your property taxes from rising.

#3 – He is a man of the people and knows Aurora.
As a resident for over 23 years and having grown up in the western suburbs, Judd is well-known in Aurora and has a great reputation and presence in the community.

#4 – You know what you get.
He is out and about in the community, not just at election time. He does not make empty promises. We need to elect a new leader with impeccable integrity.

#5 – Judd cares about his employees and independent contractors.
He regularly contributes between 10 and 25 percent to his employee’s qualified retirement plans.

Judd Lofchie

My biggest concern is the irresponsible spending that directly impacts property taxes for the people of Aurora. I will continue to try and reduce wasteful spending. I would like to see all professional services that exceed $25,000 be put out for bid. Currently, they are not. And I will continue to put pressure on the city to solicit multiple bids on large purchases. I recently expressed my concern to the Fire Department about their proposed purchase of a new one-million-dollar fire engine with only one bid. Though the department did obtain a second quote, which was about $10,000 higher, the fact is that they obtained a second bid knowing that I would question the purchase. I am not afraid to speak up for what I think is right.


The City of Aurora needs better strategies to manage $1.1 BILLION in debt, underfunded pensions, bonds, and other fixed/flexible expenditures.

The current administration is allocating an additional $100 million for building projects. These include $50 million to move the Hollywood Casino and a new, 20-million-dollar warehouse for cars and trucks.
Pension expenses continue to rise, so we need to balance and control our spending until strategies are in place.

We must manage debt more aggressively to limit tax liability for Aurorans

Limit new spending commitments to keep the budget under control

Provide clear reporting to the public for ROI on all financial matters


The City of Aurora needs a strategy across all sectors: industrial, manufacturing, travel/tourism, retail, service, non-profits, minority-owned, and local/incubator businesses.

The current administration is too focused on siloed sectors rather than taking a comprehensive, diversified approach. Our best answers to our problems are often right here in town.
Build Aurora’s tax base from the best use of real estate in downtown and business parks.

We must light up and clean up several streets like Broadway and River Streets

Establish an incentive-based program to help people open businesses in Aurora

Deliver $700,000 of Business Interruptions Grants immediately to local businesses


The City of Aurora has approved body cameras for all officers and has established a Civilian Review Board, both items that Judd Lofchie voted for. Community contact and citizen/neighborhood meetings are the next levels needed for greater public safety.

We must take shootings and murders personally in Aurora

Community policing must be emphasized

Create stronger partnerships with our community organizations and churches

Improve lighting, cameras, and reporting/response for known crime areas


Judd Lofchie conceived and started the StreetWise program in Chicago 28 years ago, resulting in the creation of more than 13,000 jobs and financial viability for thousands of people.

We must make graduation rates the top priority at our high schools

Think vocationally: help connect students with good-paying jobs after graduation

Partner with community colleges, universities, and businesses (VIA) to implement “Life Strategy” programs

Establish methods to employ disadvantaged, homeless, or disabled people


Judd Lofchie started Aurora Business United, a highly successful networking event attracting business leadership. This tactic can be implemented for the arts and business community.

Collaboration is key among Aurora’s Arts community to maximize engagement, cross-marketing, and city visitation/tourism

We must leverage the reputational success of Paramount Arts Center and newly-opened Paramount School of the Arts through partnerships in the community

Establish a cross-marketing system to link art events and resources to restaurants and stores in the city through First Fridays

Increase and use shows at River Edge Park to market repeat visitation and business in Aurora to offset $1.25 million cost and bring more people to Aurora


Green infrastructure saves energy, reduces pollution, combats the local carbon footprint, and provides job opportunities in new technology. Focus on bringing green businesses to Aurora along the I-88 corridor and downtown Aurora. Partner with Fox Valley Park District for education and physical fitness (trails, recreation, parks, citywide health programs).

We must conduct a community survey to identify the best opportunities for green capitalization

Encourage/promote infrastructure for electric/hybrid/fuel-efficient cars

Install more electric charging stations

Identify community benefits from wind and solar (commercial and homeowners) and potential ROI and grid contribution of excess energy

Judd Lofchie for Mayor and Tagline